From tide clocks to barometers, rain gauges to hygrometers, ClimeMET provides its customers with everything they need to be able to monitor the weather. Based in the UK, and run as a small family business, ClimeMET designs weather stations and a range of home and garden weather dials from their company workshop in rural Suffolk. Through their products and commitment to improving the environment, ClimeMET is showing other small businesses that success and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Passion for the Outdoors

Green Business Bureau member, ClimeMET, was started through a passion for the outdoors. The company founder, Nic Hart, had an inner connection with the weather and would stand on the beach watching the waves and the clouds roll in, as he waited for the right conditions to go sailing or windsurfing. This drive to understand the weather led him to design a brand of weather instruments for people who enjoyed the weather as much as him. The mission was to create weather monitors powerful enough to record the strongest of winds and the fiercest of storms, but also lightweight and stylish enough to blend into homes, gardens and everyday life.  The ultimate goal was to provide ordinary people, whether they had a passion for gardening or for the high seas, with everything they needed to be able to easily monitor the weather.

Working Hard to Create a Greener Business and Community

ClimeMET is committed to protecting the environment and keeping our planet beautiful. The company has developed sustainable business practices in their products and processes that will benefit existing and future generations. They strive every day to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve natural resources and have a positive impact on the well-being of their staff and customers. Their green initiatives include:

  • Creating a greener office environment that includes access to natural light and plants that help clean the air and create a relaxing work space.

  • Focusing on reducing emissions and promoting green awareness to community.

  • Looking for ways to manufacture more products that are made from recycled components, extending the life of consumer plastics.

  • Continuing to innovate and develop products that help ClimeMET customers monitor their own environmental impact, focusing on products that allow people to see for themselves the effect of global warming in their own gardens year-over-year.

  • Launching a wildflower seed program that gifts seeds alongside each order to help ClimeMET customers transform their own communities for the better.

Salvaging Imperfect Products to Minimize Waste

ClimeMET has also launched a successful green initiative aimed at increasing recycling efforts. Dubbed their “Eco Sale,” the program gives customers the ability to buy slight seconds on the ClimeMET website for a discount, allowing items to be re-used instead of being sent to landfills. A “slight second” is an item spotted in the factory with a minor fault and kept from the store for standard purchase by a customer.

Inspiring Businesses to Understand Climate Change and Be Eco-Friendly

ClimeMET owners and employees are working to not only improve their company’s impact on the environment but are also hoping their story will help to inspire other small businesses to look for ways to integrate green practices into their day-to-day activities. In addition to this, ClimeMET is dedicated to showing that green initiatives can be cost-saving and deliver significant return on investment, empowering businesses to grow stronger and healthier.

“Having worked in the oil industry for a number of years, I was becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of damage that was being done to the world around us, not only through the burning of fossil fuels, but also from the drilling, fracking and abstraction in vast areas of natural landscapes. I had always believed that there must be a way to create an ethical business which would have a part to play in the environmental movement,” said Nic Hart, Managing Director, ClimeMET Ltd. “Awareness of climate change can start with people monitoring the weather in their gardens at home. We can all tune in to what’s going on around us for the benefit of the planet by monitoring the weather and our environment. We hope that our thermometers, rain gauges, tide clocks and other products allow people to do this in an affordable way.”

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