Innovative paint additive creates an effective clean air solution

“Creative Oxygen Labs was founded in December of 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis. The company was determined to find a solution that could complement vaccines by minimizing the impact of harmful airborne microscopic organisms on our respiratory system. The ethos was to design and develop a solution that would catch and kill pollutants, bacteria, and viruses before they entered our body“. – Chris Shahabi, founder of Creative Oxygen Labs, investor, and clean energy advocate

Creative Oxygen Labs has developed a revolutionary, nanotechnology-based additive that can turn walls into air purifiers, offering a revolutionary clean air solution.

Founded by Chris Shahabi, Creative Oxygen Labs provides a user-friendly product that can be added to any water-based paint. When this paint is used to coat building walls, those walls are transformed into external air lungs that protect our health and wellbeing by breaking down air pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.

As such, Creative Oxygen Labs is bringing clean air to every home, office, school, hospital, clinic, gym, and restaurant around the world.

Oxygen is a revolutionary clean air technology that transforms building walls into air purifiers

Creative Oxygen Labs is the first company in the world to produce a nanoparticle-infused additive, that when mixed with any water-based acrylic paint can transform walls into air purifiers. Creative Oxygen Labs has named this product Oxygen.

Using innovative thinking to solve a global health crisis

Creative Oxygen Labs has created innovative technology to address our current air-quality crisis. According to the WHO, 7 million people die annually from premature deaths caused by the combined effects of ambient air pollution and household pollution. Gary Fuller, an expert in particle matters names our toxic air the invisible killer.

Oxygen clean air solution

Hence, the alarm bells have been sounded, and Creative Oxygen Labs presents a solution, one that will help minimize the negative impact of pollutants, bacteria, and viruses on our wellbeing.

Founder, Chris Shahabi developed Creative Oxygen Labs following a very personal experience in which his wife was hospitalized during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when Shahabi felt completely helpless. On the back of this ordeal, Shahabi was determined to make sure this didn’t happen to anyone else, and to help those concerned for the health and wellness of their loved ones.

To do this, Shahabi focused on where humans spend the most amount of time – indoors. Inside, building walls offer physical safety and security. Thinking about this, and using his innovative mindset, Shahabi asked “what if building walls offered safety and security for our health too?”

Creative Oxygen Labs has created a user-friendly clean air technology solution

Oxygen was developed by Creative Oxygen Lab’s team of Ph.D. scientists and experts in virology, immunology, chemistry, and medicine. The product acts as a protective coating shield against microscopic substances which cannot be seen by the naked eye. We’re talking about viruses, superbugs, and bacteria, but also CO2 emissions and other harmful gases.

The high-quality nanoparticles Creative Oxygen Labs has access to through its own supply chain, plus the patent-pending formulation means this business offers a unique solution in a market that lacks a resolution to poor air quality. Creative Oxygen Labs believes that everyone has the right to clean air, which is why they’ve created a user-friendly product, available in powdered sachets that can easily be mixed with any water-based paint.

The effectiveness of Oxygen is backed by accredited institutions

Oxygen is a revolutionary product in terms of science and innovation. In the presence of light energy and air humidity, Oxygen attacks and neutralizes polluting agents inside and outside of buildings within a three-meter radius. The results are backed by accredited institutions, which show that within hours, 99% of toxins, bacteria, air pollutants (such as VOCs), and other harmful particle matter are broken down and disintegrated.

For instance, McMasters Center for Microbial and Chemical Biology (CMCB) at the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for infectious disease center affirms Oxygen coating has antibacterial properties. In a recent press release, results show that when bacteria causing serious damage to the human respiratory system come in contact with any oxygenated surface, bacteria are killed within minutes. Oxygen is hence stated to be a preventative solution to disease, one that comes in the wake of antibiotic resistance.

Sharing a common vision: Creative Oxygen Labs joins forces with the Green Business Bureau

Interested in Oxygen? Click here to pre-order (U.S. and Canada only).

Creative Oxygen Labs and the Green Business Bureau (GBB) share a common vision, to set green standards for a sustainable future. It’s for this reason that Creative Oxygen Labs signed up for GBB, to set sustainable green initiatives alongside their socially responsible product, and to showcase their commitment to being a purpose-driven organization.

Creative Oxygen labs clean air solution

With the help of Labs at The City College of New York CUNY School of Medicine department of molecular, cellular, and biomedical sciences and McMasters center for disease control who ran the tests on our product, I am happy to say we now have the solution. This is why I believe that Oxygen will become a health and safety standard in clean air over the next few years and a partnership with GBB will allow us to offer this new standard in the United States and around the world.” Chris Shahabi, founder of Creative Oxygen Labs, investor, and clean energy advocate

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