Based in Chicago, Busy Beaver Button Co. makes custom buttons, custom stickers and other promotional items. For 26 years, Busy Beaver has helped all types of organizations spread their message and facilitate connection through small shareable items.

Powered By Nature

Besides guaranteeing quality promo items, Busy Beaver stands out for its solar-powered facility in which all of their products are made. The facility is also equipped with geothermal heating and cooling and located within 100 miles of nearly all their suppliers, substantially cutting down on Busy Beaver’s emissions.

Busy Beaver continually makes the effort to green every aspect of their operations, including the products themselves. Their buttons are created from US-made recycled steel, paper products are a mix of both sustainably forested and recycled content, and artwork is printed with non-toxic toners on eco-friendly printers.

In an effort to engage and excite customers on the importance of sustainability, Busy Beaver shares the story of their eco-friendly practices and products across their website and marketing materials.

Other Green Wins

Busy Beaver has organized with a recycling service to collect their recyclables and “scrappable” old parts every week. They also have ties with a nearby creative reuse shop that welcomes their excess materials that otherwise would wind up in the landfill.

Installing timers on appliances to better conserve energy, along with an onsite compost bin and pollinator garden to support local biodiversity are just a few other initiatives that Busy Beaver has taken on.

Sustainability Leader Spotlight

Busy Beaver Button Co. is run by a team of artists who understand the value in preserving the planet’s unreplicated beauty. In particular, Padraig Steadman, Production Manager at Busy Beaver, oversees much of the company’s sustainability projects including recycling, scrapping, material reuse and composting.

“When we are able to express ourselves and share our ideas, we build meaningful connections and caring communities. Buttons facilitate connection and serve as mementos for years!”

– Christen Carter, Founder and President of Busy Beaver Button Co.

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