Headquartered in Portland, Maine, with offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, West Virginia and Arizona, BerryDunn is a CPA and Management Consulting Firm with over 750 employees that provide a full range of services including: Management and IT Consulting, Healthcare Analytics/Actuarial, Audit, Accounting and Tax.

Steadily growing over 47+ years and recognized as the 7th “fastest growing” firm in 2020, BerryDunn attributes their growth to attracting, developing and retaining outstanding employees who help clients create, grow and protect value.


Regularly named in the Top 100 lists, BerryDunn works with clients around the world, from town, local and state governments to healthcare, non-profits, commercial, higher education, financial services, high tech and more.

With such a large stakeholder network comes the responsibility to be an industry leader, an opportunity that BerryDunn has taken to minimize their environmental impact and adopt greener practices. BerryDunn implements a “no plastic” policy (single-use or otherwise) at their headquarters and plans to extend it to their other offices.

To inspire staff to make greener choices, new hires are provided with a “sustainability pack” that includes a reusable mug and straw, bamboo flatware and waxed cotton lunch bag

High-efficiency lighting, bamboo-based paper products for the company kitchen and restrooms, and Keurig recycling coffee stations are a few other ways BerryDunn lowers their footprint.

BerryDunn’s efforts to take accountability and become a certified green business are tied into their guiding principle that sustainable business practice is just as critical for the environment as it is for their clients and the communities they serve.

“As we move forward with our sustainability efforts, our guiding principle is to be dedicated to environmental improvements that not only lead to a sustainable future but also lead to social and economic improvements in the communities in which we work.”

– Adam McNally, Sustainability Team Member

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