BarFly Media’s LED holographic display units are designed to help brands stand out in a crowded market

BarFly Media is disrupting the traditional On/Off-premise Point of Display (POS) with their digital LED holographic display units. These units provide brands with an adaptive, dynamic, and efficient way to engage with consumers and stand out in a crowded market.

BarFly Media’s digital AdTech platform presents a state-of-the-art 3D point-of-sale technology platform to be used by both brands and retailers. In doing, the brand gives their partners ownership of the consumer conversation, engaging with consumers at the right place, time, and with the right content. And BarFly Media achieves all of this while still maintaining excellent sustainability credentials.

Barfly Media Grey Goose

BarFly Media has achieved platinum-level certification status with the Green Business Bureau. This accomplishment showcases BarFly Media’s commitment to incorporating a sustainability agenda into all facets of the business. And here, you’ll learn how BarFly media has done just that.

Disrupting traditional point-of-sale marketing efforts with digital holographic LED units

BarFly Media is a small, sustainable business with a purpose. The brand seeks to disrupt traditional paper point-of-sale marketing efforts with their digital holographic LED units. The brand supports businesses in an innovative way by leveraging marketing technology to drive sales at the point of purchase, and to create the WOW factor.

BarFly Media advertisement

The business has done this through the development and launch of a digital AdTech platform. This software creates dynamic, 3D content that;

  1. Enables brands to showcase their products with the right content, in the right space, and at the right time;
  2. Delivers innovative, impactful, and mesmerizing content to end consumers.

Utilizing digital marketing strategies that cut down waste and resource use

As a digital company, BarFly Media produces little waste, and the brand intentionally uses digital marketing strategies to cut down on paper use, a practice that extends to the brand’s partners.

In addition, BarFly Media’s high-impact digital hologram units are 450% more efficient than one 75-watt bulb. This efficiency is measured using smart switches connected to each hologram device. These smart switches report the consumption of each unit. The results from this consumption analysis are given in the image below.

Consumption Analysis

Hence, BarFly Media is focused on ensuring the brand’s core offering holds sustainability at the forefront. But, on top of this, the brand also concentrates on the smaller details to embed sustainability into the business’s day-to-day operations. For instance, BarFly media is a remote company, meaning employees don’t have to commute daily, and neither do the brand’s distributor partners. This reduces business scope 3 emissions – greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) emitted across an organization’s value chain.

BarFly Media team

Hence BarFly Media is a brand that has a strong commitment to sustainability, and to showcase this commitment the business sought green business certification using the Green Business Bureau, and today the brand flaunts it’s Platinum Level Certification status. This certification meant BarFly Media complies with the many sustainability agendas their partners are talking about and seeking from vendors/suppliers.

Eliminating paper advertising and high-energy neon signs with a more sustainable marketing approach

BarFly Media is disrupting traditional point-of-sale advertising with their AdTech marketing solution. That is, BarFly media are digitizing retail establishments using LED-based Digital Hologram units. The brand wants to eliminate paper advertising (which is a huge cost and leads to excessive waste), Neon signs (which sap a large amount of energy with a typical red neon light consuming 3.5-4 watts per foot), and update the ways brands engage with consumers.

A digital marketing solution in a world that pursues sustainability

We are a start-up and a sustainable business, driven by a purpose to help eliminate the waste of natural resources and help businesses in an innovative way by leveraging marketing technology in order to drive sales at the point of purchase and create the ‘WOW’ factor. As corporations across the globe get serious with sustainability agendas, and they request stakeholders and suppliers to adhere, AdTech partners like Barfly Media and others should become key partnersTony Vidal, founding partner of Barfly Media

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