Aqua Pro is a reseller of BioOne, an organic, bacterial-based drain cleaner formulated to naturally clear pipes, leach fields, grease traps, pump stations and more. EPA-approved as a Safer Choice alternative, BioOne triumphs over the caustic cleaning products out on the market today without forfeiting quality or performance.

What Goes Down Sticks Around

Running a business also means having to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the building and all its inner workings. This often involves pouring harsh chemicals down the drain to eat away hard-to-break-down fats, oils, greases and other buildup. But this “out of sight, out of mind” mentality is dangerous. Not only are caustic cleaners an irritant when handling and can damage drain lines through long-term use, but these corrosive chemicals can eventually seep their way into local water supplies, threatening both wildlife and human health.

Small But Mighty

Because drain and plumbing maintenance is an inescapable chore for all businesses and households, Aqua Pro saw the need for a cleaner that was both effective and safe for the planet. BioOne is the answer for those looking for a guilt-free and environmentally-friendly way to unclog and clean their drains.

Unlike conventional cleaners, BioOne is unique in that it is composed of live vegetative bacteria! Non-pathogenic, these tiny organisms naturally have an appetite for fats, oils and other organic matter as well as hazardous contaminants that get trapped as drain muck and pipeline sludge. BioOne shows the potential for designing products based on bioremediation, that is, using naturally occurring microorganisms to break down pollutants.

Connecting Consumers With Sustainable Options

Shopping for cleaning products that actually work can be overwhelming, especially if you’re seeking those with green and eco-friendly labels. Unfortunately, many sustainable options do not have the same visibility as the big name brand cleaners on the shelves, so finding them can be difficult.

Aqua Pro’s mission is to help connect consumers to safe and eco-friendly cleaning products. This is particularly valuable to businesses who want to be more sustainable but do not have the time to spend researching and reading product labels. Incorporating cleaning products like BioOne into your green procurement policy will ensure your company is using only the safest, most sustainable cleaners in your workspace.

Beyond selling products that protect human and planet health, the Aqua Pro team is exploring greener ways to manage waste, recycle packaging and improve overall efficiency in order to limit their own environmental impact.

“We recognize consumers want product options they can feel good about. At Aqua Pro, we are committed to connecting consumers to those products. We want to continue to make sustainable options as easy to find as the highly marketed chemical competition.”

 – Jason Rector, President of Aqua Pro

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