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GBB Member Ayres Associates Drives Green

By February 24, 2011Member News

We are very excited to share some pictures of Green Business Bureau member Ayres Associates and employee Paul Braun who drives an electric car!

Paul is absolutely leading the way with sustainable methods of transportation; hybrid cars are not environmentally friendly enough and even without a national infrastructure for electric cars it doesn’t stop Paul for driving to work in his GEM (no pun intended!).  Some technical notes from Paul for those that are interested, we of course at the GBB found it fascinating:

“It’s a 2001 GEM, which stands for Global Electric Motorcars LLC (http://www.gemcar.com <http://www.gemcar.com/> ), which I believe began as an independent company in 1998 and then became part of Chrysler. It has cranked out close to 50,000 of these gems (pardon the pun). Mine is a 2 passenger, but they make a 4 and a 6 too.

It’s pretty low-tech, operating off six 12-volt deep cycle batteries (lead acid or variations thereof called gel or AGM batteries) that are supposed to provide a range of 25 miles or so…

Ayres Associates lets me charge my vehicle while I am at work, which is essential during the bitter cold months.  The batteries would otherwise freeze because I drain the batteries pretty low on my way to work.  Charging it costs 15-20 cents or thereabouts…

Top speed is 25 miles per hour, classifying it as a “low speed vehicle,” previously termed a neighborhood electric vehicle. It is legal on streets posted up to 35 mph speed limit.  Electric cars have great low-speed torque, so I beat most fume-belchers across the intersection when the light turns green.  But then they sail on past when I hit 25 and stay there…”

Congratulations Paul and Ayres Associates on all that you do, and as always, for being a Green Business Bureau member – one of the leading green business certifications in the country.

Are you a GBB member? Have other exciting stories around sustainability in your business? Send them to the GBB at contactus@gbb.org!

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