If you’re a homeowner, you’ve no doubt looked at your pristine, perfectly manicured lawn and felt deep pride and satisfaction.  Until the day comes when you take a quick glance and notice, with horror, a small section slowly starting to discolor and brown. You hurry to the dying patch and start to diagnose what on earth could be causing what feels like your entire lawn being poisoned.  Immediately you think, “did I miss this spot when I fertilized?” and “do my sprinklers not hit this area?” Instead of panicking, what you should do in this moment of crisis is call your local expert from Freedom Lawns.

Now celebrating their 20th year, Freedom Franchise, Inc., dba Freedom Lawns USA is an organic-based lawn care company that focuses on a safer approach to residential lawn, commercial lawn and ornamental plant care.  They blend environmental awareness with safer lawn and garden practices, while utilizing their own proprietary and organic product line. So really, Freedom Lawns was, “green before Green was cool!”  As a proud member of Green Business Bureau since 2010, Freedom Franchises has achieved the highest level of GBB Certification and is Platinum Certified.

'Becoming part of the Freedom Lawns family has been an exciting journey and knowing that they are there to support you is a comfort that money can't buy!'

Andy Dixon
Owner, Freedom Lawns of Greenville, NC

Freedom Franchise believes in the importance of sustainability, and being green is a key component of everything that they do.  From researching new sustainable products to experimenting with more environmentally sound practices, they look to achieve the best possible results for their clients. They do all of this while offering a safe, family and pet friendly alternative to conventional “fast food” chemical lawn care companies.

As a franchise organization, Freedom Franchise offers a unique opportunity for new or existing business owners who care about their customers and the environment and who want to make a difference in their local communities.  They provide an entire line of safe and environmentally friendly products, along with full marketing , agronomic, business, and IT support for the franchisee. Additionally, Freedom Franchise holds regular meetings, seminars and training sessions for their franchisees as a way to promote engagement, collaboration and an enhanced sense of community.

Today, Freedom Franchise operates in 5 states from Virginia to Georgia and is seeking potential franchisees for growth into new areas.  For more information about Freedom Franchise, please visit them at

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