The dry cleaning industry is one that provides many opportunities to go green. From the products these companies purchase and use to the type of cleaning methods they apply, dry cleaning businesses have become more focused on sustainability and are leading the small business charge in going “green”.

Green Business Bureau member, Duro Cleaners, is a great example.  It is a family owned business that has been in operation for more that 30 years and under recent new ownership has truly committed to being a completely green business. Based in Pittsburgh, Duro cleaners is committed to delivering the highest quality laundering and dry cleaning services while at the same time protecting the environment, its employees and its customers through a number of areas, including:

  • Avoiding the use of harmful toxic chemicals;
  • Launching a hanger reuse program;
  • Purchasing products that are EPA approved and USDA choice certified, including Solvonk4, which is a dry cleaning solvent;
  • Using only non-toxic substances such as water, biodegradable soap and steam.

These safe products and safe cleaning processes absolutely make garments look cleaner, last longer, feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher, but most importantly, are safe for people and the environment. They even cut down on allergic reactions.

In addition to being an early adopter of safer non-perc cleaning and these aforementioned products, Duro Cleaners also decided to take a stand against plastic waste. They decided to focus on eliminating single use plastic, specifically in the form of plastic garment bags. To address this issue, the company worked with their garment bag supplier to locate a biodegradable bag. They ended up making an investment in a Sankosha bagger that allows the cleaning company to custom cut all garment covers. This investment allowed Duro Cleaners to use less poly and decrease the amount of waste produced.

“Being a green business was never an option, it’s the only way”,  said Joseph Ferrante, Owner of Duro Cleaners. “Our customers want it, our employees want it and I demand it.   But it’s also important to have a partner like the Green Business Bureau to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.  Their seal reminds our workers and customers every day that we truly care.”

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