Going green can take a lot of forms, and for many companies, focusing on the office environment and employees is the ideal place to start.  That’s exactly what Green Business Bureau member, Cyber Intelligence House, is doing with their latest eco-friendly initiatives. By improving the office air quality, adding plants, going paperless, and providing drinking water without plastic bottles, they’ve created a more vibrant and eco-friendly office environment for their employees.  They’ve engaged all employees and created a green culture that workers both appreciate and benefit from.

Creating an Eco-Friendly and Vibrant Office Environment

Launched in 2012 and based in Singapore, Cyber Intelligence House specializes in helping organizations and individuals assess their cyber risk exposure, take action to mitigate risks and continuously monitor security vulnerabilities for improvement.  The company is based in Southeast Asia, and employs people from various countries, and has made sustainability a multinational team effort. They have leveraged new technologies to support their sustainability efforts and asked all employees to be part of their green business journey.

Employees Do Their Part To Create a “Green Office”

At Cyber Intelligence House, sustainability starts with their employees.  The company is dedicated to decreasing paper and plastic waste with programs that the company’s employees can take a direct part in.  All workers use web-conferencing and document sharing services to minimize travel. They are going paperless and use e-signature solutions for documents as much as possible.  Creating a greener office is a priority for all employees.

Clean Air, Clean Water

The company has also invested in green education for their employees.  Employees now understand how small changes – like refilling water bottles, turning off the lights and turning down the air conditioner at the end of the day – can make a difference to the company and the overall global community.  An investment in a water gravity filter allows employees to drink clean, filtered water instead of stocking the office with water bottles. The addition of air purifying plants improves air quality and makes the office space a more vibrant place to work.

These initiatives have been successful in reducing the amount of waste the company generates.  Most importantly, the Cyber Intelligence House employees are engaged in creating a greener business and more eco-friendly office.

“At Cyber Intelligence House, we continuously assess opportunities to identify and implement more green initiatives. By promoting green business practices and sustainability to our employees, we can make an impact to the environment,” said Ilkka Jäättelä, CFO of Cyber Intelligence House. “We are all responsible for our ecological footprint and by taking actions that yield long-term benefits, we can make the world a better place.”

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