The B Hive Organic Salon in Hillsborough, NJ is an award-winning salon and day spa known for exceptional pampering in a fully organic and eco-friendly salon experience. Founded by Angela and James Alba in 2008, the B Hive has grown an international reputation for its leadership in organic beauty.

  • Location: Hillsdale, NJ
  • Member Since: 2008
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Leadership From A Unique & Personal Perspective

The B Hive was founded on the very simple premise that if the traditional beauty market’s reliance on toxic, little-studied and earth-destructive chemicals is a health concern for consumers – just think how bad they must be for the stylists who use them every day. That premise lead owners Angela and James to build their highly successful and award-winning salon on a foundation of equal parts great service’ and ‘environmentally sustainable’. The B Hive is not only a case study in the value of choosing a healthier and sustainable business model, but their collective industry knowledge has grown to a point of true and recognized leadership in the beauty world.

Sustainability Improves Service & Trust

Like any other successful boutique salon, The B Hive works really hard to stay up on trends, meet clients’ needs and deliver a highly-skilled service while ensuring clients feel pampered and cared for. As a committed organic salon, however, The B Hive also thoroughly vets all product sold or used by the salon as a healthy, earth-friendly choice – from the shampoos and conditioners, all the way to the flooring, textiles and the paint on the walls. That level of thoughtfulness and care is evident to The B Hive’s clients and reinforces their trust and deepens the salon-client relationship

The B Hive’s Lessons Are Universal

Focusing on sustainable business innovation creates opportunities for businesses of all kinds to deliver greener, better and more profitable products and services. For almost any business, in any industry, there’s opportunity to be innovative and sustainable when making choices of all kinds. For The B Hive Organic Salon, the route to successful green business began when its founders sought better indoor air quality and healthier working conditions for stylists and customers. Almost any business can find its green starting point by realizing the major green drivers for their industry. Customers really do care about sustainability and will reward businesses that take the lead.

The Benefits of Sustainability are Significant

Not only do The B Hive’s founders find it tremendously rewarding to have built a business to be proud of and a service that’s healthy and sustainable, but they also recognize the well-earned financial benefits of their choices too. James reports that approximately 20% of The B Hive’s new business is directly attributable to the service’s organic positioning and green focus. To put that in perspective, most highly-regarded salons rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals to drive new business, and hope to earn about 20% of new business from those referrals. The bottom line is that when combined, The B Hive sees that by combining a great service with our sustainable strategy, the business benefits from double the traditional amount of highly-leveraged demand generation needed to grow and maintain a successful salon. Simply put, being good and green has been very good to The B Hive Salon.