Frugal Flowers is a service-oriented, innovative florist in Sudbury, Massachusetts that has been delivering the freshest flowers and beautifully designed arrangements for big events and everyday alike since 1988. Frugal Flowers believes its greening efforts are a core part of its efforts to always be the best and provide the highest quality products and services.

  • Location: Sudbury, MA
  • Member Since: 2015
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Matching Efforts with Customers’ Expectations

The Frugal Flower cares deeply about the environment and taking its place among environmentally responsible companies. The company also prides itself on exceptional customer service and adaptability to the ever-changing floral marketplace – which is why Frugal Flower understands just how important sustainability is to their customers and prospective customers.

Big Efforts Are Often Behind the Scenes

Unfortunately, many of the big-ticket greening items on Frugal Flower’s success list are behind the scenes. Frugal knows that modern, efficiently run and well maintained refrigeration units save energy, and that implementing a no-idle policy for its delivery fleet has significantly reduced its carbon footprint. Frugal Flower knows these things, and these efforts are substantial, but unlike their recycling bins, organic options and LED lights, these additional efforts are largely hidden from customer view.


GBB Membership provides three distinct opportunities for The Frugal Flower to communicate their green commitment to their customers.

Visibility & Awareness

In-store and online Member Badges help bring Frugal Flowers’ commitment to sustainability to the forefront.

Credibility & Transparency

As a GBB member, Frugal Flowers gains credibility and comprehensive transparency for customers wanting to understand the complete list of greening initiatives completed via GBB’s interactive online badges and open member assessment.

Conversation Starter

GBB Membership provides opportunities for Frugal Flowers’ employees to have positive, relationship-building conversations about their ongoing sustainability efforts and greener choices.