Creamfinance is an innovative financial services company that uses advanced credit assessment automation and smart data to provide consumers with ready access to credit, while ensuring credit worthiness and risk mitigation for lenders. The company was founded in Latvia in 2012 and is rapidly expanding its services worldwide. In 2016 Creamfinance was recognized as the second fastest growing company in Europe by Inc. Magazine.

  • Location: Riga, Latvia
  • Member Since: 2016
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Born Green & Innovating Every Day

As an innovative technology company, Cream Finance presents a unique mix of common and unusual challenges as well as opportunities through their sustainability program and GBB Membership. Their drivers may be distinct, but there are lessons for all in their green story:

Green Leadership Equals Green Success

As with many GBB Member companies, Creamfinance’s green story begins with its leadership team. From it’s inception in 2012, the company’s founders not only sought to create an inspirationally innovative company, but one that actively accepted its role as an environmental steward. By making sustainability a priority, Creamfinance’s leaders have empowered the entire organization to seek-out greener choices and improvements for the company.

Team Building Through Sustainability

With Employees scattered throughout the world, Creamfinance faces the increasingly common challenge of developing a corporate culture and sense of shared mission in a workforce in which the proverbial watercooler is often a plane ride away.

Like many companies with well-defined sustainability programs, Creamfinance reports that their greening efforts and activities provide a unique opportunity for employees to find common ground, share ideas and connect over a mission above beyond their everyday corporate responsibilities. The company actively seeks green activities as team-building exercises that further enhance its ‘green culture effect’, and sees its burgeoning green culture as a huge internal benefit to the company and its employees alike.

Millennials Demand A Greener Company

As a technology company, Creamfinance is uniquely positioned to understand the growing impact millennial employees are having on the workplace. From a green perspective, millennial worker impact is clear: they expect and demand green practices and performance. Creamfinance understands that its leadership position as a green company provides a competitive advantage when seeking, recruiting and retaining millennial workers.