Green Van Lines was founded in 2008 As the first environmentally-friendly mover in the United States. As a longtime veteran of the moving service industry, the company’s founder Guy Cohen, saw an opportunity to significantly reduce waste and energy consumption in the moving process while building a company that echoed his personal commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. From that foundation, Green Van Lines was born.

  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Member Since: 2011
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As customers get to know Green Van Lines, they know our green commitment is real. As a GBB Certified Business, we earn that trust more quickly and with a high degree of transparency.

Guy Cohen, Green Van Lines Owner

Green Leadership Is In The Details

As a pioneer in the space, Green Van Lines has sought sustainable solutions to every aspect of the moving process. From reusable crates and durable wrappings in lieu of cardboard boxes and paper wraps, to biodiesel moving trucks and organic cotton uniforms, Green Van Lines has made sustainability a core element of its service while also delivering on its commitment to be a price competitive with traditional movers with an exceptional reputation for quality and customer service.

GBB Adds Instant Credibility

Like many GBB Members, Green Van Lines commitment to sustainability provides a deep and durable differentiation for the business. Their moving services are built on a true focus on greener methods and quality. Yet, in the highly competitive and price-sensitive market for movers, instant differentiation and credibility make all the difference – and that’s where GBB comes in. GBB certification provides prospective customers with an instantly recognizable, credible and transparent way to know that Green Van Lines green efforts are real.