If you’ve washed your hands in a public restroom – and we really hope you have – you’re almost certainly familiar with the hand dryers made by Excel Dryer. You may not, however, know just how deep the company’s commitment to sustainability runs, or how thoroughly Excel has refined its approach to building high-quality, energy-sipping products that do their one thing exceptionally well. Excel’s ubiquitous motion-activated air dryers are not only a marvel of refined engineering, but also the product of a company committed to leading by example and promoting the benefits of greener business practices.

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Deep Expertise & Leading By Example

In order to become the global leader in the niche market for automatic hand dryers, Excel has developed unmatched expertise in every aspect of making long lasting, reliable and effective products. The same commitment to quality and precision needed to design and manufacture great commercial products, has also lead to the company’s industry leading and ever-improving environmental performance.  In fact, Excel Dryer believes so firmly in its commitment to sustainability that it has worked closely with the Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) to develop and measure its products against the first ever Product Category Rule (PCR) that provides standardized performance and energy efficiency guidelines for the hand dryer industry. Click here to learn more about Excel Dryer’s exceptional commitment to the PCR.

The Lesson for All: Understanding Sustainable Drivers

Excel Dryer’s green story is unique. Most companies neither focus on a single product category and constantly strive to refine and improve in that one area, nor do they have the opportunity to create a product that delivers a positive environmental benefit for so many other companies and institutions. That said, the universal lesson of Excel Dryer is that all businesses can make key contributions to the green economy by first understanding their key sustainability drivers. Whether a company delivers products or delivers a service, all businesses have the opportunity to seek, define, innovate and improve their environmental business drivers in the pursuit of a stronger business and healthier communities.

Educating Customers & Encouraging Change

In addition to its own core sustainability mission, Excel Dryer believes in the importance of sharing its green mission with its customers and prospects of all kinds and acting as a pied piper for green innovation and sustainable business practices. In fact, Excel Dryer sees its participation in programs like The Green Business Bureau as a key element of their mission to not only run the greenest business it can, but to also promote sustainable practices throughout the business community.