Introducing Updated GBB EcoProfiles

The new GBB EcoProfile™, an extension of the GBB online platform, enables businesses to transparently share their green business mission, commitments and achievements along with their existing EcoScore. EcoProfiles are now available to all GBB Members as part of their existing GBB Membership.

Certification & EcoScore

GBB’s EcoScore Dashboard remains a central pillar of your EcoProfile – though you’ll notice a new layout for the page header that now includes your company’s logo.

Green Mission & Commitments

GBB has always encouraged member businesses to define their green mission statement. The newly enhanced EcoProfile allows members to publish their mission statement and provide additional detail by publishing sustainable commitments in support of their overall green mission.

Sustainability Accomplishments

In addition to sharing green mission and commitments, GBB now gives members an EcoProfile section to share their accomplishments and other milestones on their sustainable journey.
Best Practices & Inspiration
Learn more about the best practices GBB Members are using to implement their Enhanced Profiles.

How to Create the Perfect Green Mission Statement

Sharing Sustainability Commitments in Your EcoProfile

Accomplishments: Sharing Your Best Efforts

Working with Your EcoProfile
The following materials will help guide you through the process of adding content to your EcoProfile.

Adding Your Company's Logo

Adding & Editing Commitments in Your EcoProfile

Adding Accomplishments to Your EcoProfile