Do I need to complete the Getting Started Steps to use the GBB system?

We highly recommend that all new Members complete all five of the getting started steps in order to make the most of the GBB program. That said, the Getting Started process isn’t entirely required – with one big exception. All new Members must complete the top section of GBB’s ‘Settings and Profile Information’ page. The system doesn’t activate the rest of the certification process until you choose your company’s Industry and rent vs. own status.

As a GBB Member, can I use the GBB Logo and GBB Seal on my website and marketing materials?

All current GBB Members are entitled to use the GBB Logo and GBB Seal in their communications – including company websites, social media, brochures/pamphlets and signage. In fact, we have a GBB Logo and Seal Downloads page just for members – where you can choose the right logo or seal for your needs.

What's the difference between the GBB Assessment and the Dashboard of Green Initiatives?

Great question. The GBB Assessment was designed to help new members quickly review their green achievements and decisions to date. These Yes/No questions are the quickest way for your business to take credit for the sustainable activities and choices already underway or completed.


Each Assessment question is linked to a Green Initiative. If you answer ‘yes’ to a particular Assessment question, the linked Initiative is marked as completed and your business earns the points associated with it. Likewise, if the answer to an Assessment question is left as ‘no’, the related Initiative will remain available to your business.


One final note: while all Assessment questions are linked to Initiatives, not all Initiatives are included as an Assessment question. The Assessment includes questions for a robust list of the most common GBB Initiatives but given the depth of the Initiatives list, we’ve limited it to a subset of the entire Initiatives library.

Why am I seeing red/yellow warning messages at the top of my certification area? How do I make them go away?

These warnings are designed to help remind you to complete the Getting Started process, and will continue to appear until you mark each of the steps as ‘Completed’. Once the steps are marked as completed, the warning messages will disappear, but you can always go back to the Getting Started steps at any time. They’re always an available choice under the top level ‘Certification’ choice in the certification area menu.

I've earned plenty of green points but my status won't increase to Gold or Platinum. What's up?

In order to qualify for Aware, Gold or Platinum status with GBB, you must first complete all of the Prerequisite Initiatives. To do so, simply navigate to your Dashboard, filter the initiatives by ‘Available’ status and the ‘Prerequisite’ category to see which prerequisites you still need to complete to increase your status. Once those Prerequisites are marked ‘Complete’, your status will be automatically increased to match your earned points!

I found an issue/error in the GBB system! What do I do?

As you know, GBB has been undergoing a ton of improvements lately, but as with all software projects, issues are bound to arise. If you find an error, please let us know via the Contact Us form on this page and know that we’re super grateful for your help! Well do our best to fix the issue ASAP and will continue our quest to make GBB the best green certification system on the planet.


We encourage all GBB Members in need of support to complete the following form. If you would also like to contact GBB Member Support directly, please call us at +1 888.592.5525.