Sustainability Guide for Business

Demonstrate Your Sustainable Business in a Credible Way via Certification
If your company is working toward becoming a more sustainable company and eventually a Certified GBB member, you need a strategy, plan and roadmap. Here are some sustainable business guides and tips you may find useful.

The Business Case for Green Certification

The benefits of sustainable business certification go well beyond a seal or certificate of proof.  While it demonstrates your commitment to employees, customers and partners, it also create a process for becoming even more sustainable. An official certification can demonstrate your green accomplishments in a credible and genuine way and help you stand out from the greenwashing that some companies unfortunately partake in.

Sustainable Business in 2021: Table Stakes

If you’re a business leader who believes social and environmental responsibility are just as important as profit, then you should consider introducing a sustainability framework into your company to prioritize, manage and track your initiatives.  Our team here at Green Busing Bureau strongly believes that this will be the year of mainstream sustainable business where every company, not just the purpose-driven ones, will be committed to being more eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Dig into Best Practices

Tips and guides to help companies define a clear company purpose and mission, create the right culture, engage employees, demonstrate their commitment and promote their accomplishments.

Write the Perfect Mission Statement

A green mission statement becomes the foundation of a company’s sustainability efforts. It provides the organization and its stakeholders with an understanding of what’s most important and what your company can do to be more socially responsible.

Engage Employees to Create a Green Culture

There are many business advantages of running a sustainable business, but getting there is not easy and often starts with engaging employees and creating green teams to create a green company culture.

Sustainable Marketing in a World Going Green

Social and environmental causes are an impetus to many company brand and marketing strategies. Sustainable branding reinforces a company’s commitment to sustainability by giving it a face and a voice that leave an impression on stakeholders including your employees and customers.

Getting Started Guide for Green Business Certification

GBB’s forward-thinking certification program enhances your credibility and paves the way for long-term positive impact and rewards. This step-by-step guide shows you how to get started on your company’s green certification journey.

Getting Started

Here are some next steps for engaging with Green Business Bureau.  We’re here to help you become more sustainable.

Purchase a Membership

Your green certification journey starts by purchasing a yearly GBB Membership for your business. Memberships are based on the size of your business. Learn more about GBB Membership Pricing.

Request A Demo

Join one of our Green Certification Specialists for a one-on-one demo of the GBB certification process, platform and online applications including GBB EcoAssessment and GBB EcoPlanner.

Read the White Paper

Still deciding if GBB Certification is right for your business? Request your copy of GBB’s White Paper, The Case for Green Certification, our in-depth look at the opportunities, benefits, and sustainable business trends.

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Certified Green Business Stories

Check out how these Green Business Bureau members transformed into sustainable businesses

GBB 2020 Award Winners

Our members continue to amaze us with their commitment to sustainability and their innovative green and social responsibility initiatives.  Here are last year’s award winners.


CyberArk, a public corporation,  is the global leader in privileged access management and IT security.  See how they created multiple green teams to work on GBB initiatives to raise their ESG ratings.

School Specialty

School Specialty is a leading provider of comprehensive learning environments for the education marketplace.  Learn how they leverage the GBB platform and apps to manage their sustainability initiatives and track their progress.