Adding your company’s logo to your GBB EcoProfile

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All GBB Members are now able to add their company logo to their GBB EcoProfile. The process is simple, but before getting started, it’s important to know a few things about how GBB handles logo files.

Company logos come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and formats – tall, wide, round, square, asymmetrical, simple and complex. That variety creates a challenge for online services like GBB that need to present logos in a consistent manner – which means that you may need to prepare your logo to be properly displayed by GBB.

GBB uses a wide (landscape) rectangle shape to present member logos. More specifically, the form is a 16×9 rectangle – a common dimension similar to many monitors and modern tvs – with a native size of 200 pixels x 113 pixels. In practice, most logos sitting on a landscape rectangular background will work great – which means many logos will be best handled by the GBB system if they include a rectangular background to ensure the logo is properly centered and spaced within the 16×9 area utilized by the GBB system.

Here’s a step-by-step process to upload your company’s logo to the GBB system:

Scroll to the bottom of this article to learn more about the best way to prepare your logo for the GBB system.

Navigate to the Settings & Profile Page

The logo upload function for the GBB system is located on the Settings & Profile Information page of your Member Area. Once you’ve logged into the GBB system and are in the Member Area, you can find the page by clicking on the ‘Settings & Profile’ link under the ‘Certification’ group in the main navigation menu – or by clicking here if you’re already logged into the GBB system.

Upload, Crop and Save

Once on the Settings & Profile page, scroll to the bottom section of the page to find the Business Logo upload area. Click on ‘Add new’ button and follow the instructions on screen to upload, crop and save your logo.

The GBB system only accepts PNG and JPG/JPEG file types. It will not accept GIF, SVG, EPS, PDF, AI or other vector graphic files.

Troubleshooting Issues with your logo

If you’re having difficulty getting your logo to upload or display properly in the GBB system, it’s highly likely that you’re running into one of two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Wrong file type:

As mentioned above, the GBB system only accepts JPG/JPEG and PNG files – which are the two most common image file types in use. You’ll know that you’re using one of these files by the file name extension/suffix for the file you’ve chosen (.jpg, .jpeg or .png). An Image file of any other file type will not be accepted, and will show an error if you try to upload it

Scenario 2: Logo cropping issues

If you upload a logo with no background or limited ‘white space’ around the logo itself, there’s a good chance the logo will crop in a way that doesn’t entirely show your complete logo. As mentioned above, the GBB system uses a landscape rectangle shape to display member logos – and with the wide variety of logo shapes and sizes in the world, many will need to be prepared/formatted in order to display properly on the GBB system.

Use any color background you like! Using a white rectangular background will both ensure your logo fits the size requirements of the system, and may suit your presentation preference by making the logo look as if it’s not on a background in your GBB EcoProfile since the header on your GBB EcoProfile is also white.
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