Adding & Editing Accomplishments to your EcoProfile

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1. Click Add New or Edit Accomplishment

To add a new Sustainable Accomplishment to your GBB EcoProfile, simply log into the GBB system and click on the ‘Accomplishments’ submenu link just below your company’s basic information in the page header. Once in the Accomplishments section of the Member Area, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Add New’ button to add a new Accomplishment.

Clicking the ‘Add New’ button will open a content box for you to your Accomplishment content and image.

To edit an existing Accomplishment, simply click on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of an existing published or draft Accomplishment to open the editor.

2. Add your Accomplishment Headline and Description

Each Sustainable Accomplishment in your EcoProfile contains two pieces of text – an Accomplishment Header and an Accomplishment Description. The header is a very brief headline statement of the Accomplishment while the description provides additional information about how and why your business achieved the milestone and why it’s an important accomplishment to share as part of your sustainable journey.

Adding content to both sections is super-simple. With the Green Accomplishment content box open, simply type or paste the header and description content into their respective sections of the editor box.

3. Select the Date for your Accomplishment

Unlike Sustainable Commitments, which can be customer ordered based on priority or other personal preferences, Accomplishments are designed to help tell the story of your company’s sustainable journey, so are ordered by the date they were achieved – from newest to oldest.

To enter the date for an Accomplishments, you can either enter the date in the Accomplishment Date field using a mm/dd/yyyy format (i.e. 03/15/2020) or click on the calendar icon in the Accomplishment Date field and use the calendar feature to select a date – much like you would using a travel booking application to select a flight.

4. Upload the Accomplishment Image

Each Accomplishment in your EcoProfile includes an image to support description and provide visual interest for your audience. Accomplishment images use a landscape (16×9) image format with a native resolution of 540 px by 304 px. For best results, images should be at least 540×304 pixels – with larger images being easily scaled and cropped within the GBB system. The GBB system only accepts .PNG and .JPG image files.

To add or change an Accomplishment image:

    1. With the Accomplishment content box open, click on the Add/Change Image link beneath the image thumbnail area in the upper left corner of the box.
    2. Next, click on the Choose File button in the bottom left of the image upload screen.
    3. Select the image file you want to use from your local drive and click the open button to load the image to the GBB system.
    4. After selecting and loading the image, use the simple image cropping tool to zoom, position and crop the image using the scaling bar beneath the image, and by dragging the image into your preferred position using your mouse pointer.
    5. Once the image is positioned and scaled to your liking, click the Crop and Select button to finalize the image upload.

5. Publish or Save as a Draft

Complete the process by either Publishing your Accomplishment or saving it as a draft. If you select to Publish the Accomplishment, it will immediately become a part of your company’s Public Profile, while choosing to save as a draft will keep it private for future editing, approval and publishing.

You can tell if an existing Accomplishment is published by the ‘status’ notification beneath each Accomplishment’s heading on the Accomplishments. Published content will have a status of ‘Live’ while unpublished will say ‘Draft’
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