In the dry cleaning industry, being green means more than just saying you’re using sustainable products. It means taking a hard look at your entire cleaning process – from the system you use to the solvents and packaging you use.  Being a green dry cleaner takes a commitment to use the best eco-friendly products and cleaning systems on the market. That is exactly what Green Business Bureau member, The Cleanery, is doing, and one one of the many reasons they have reached GBB Platinum status.

From installing recycling programs to upgrading cleaning processes, The Cleanery is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most eco-friendly dry cleaning service in the state of New Mexico.

Making Investments in Eco-Friendly Processes

Owned and managed by the second generation of the Lucero family, The Cleanery was started in 1984 to consistently offer what larger dry cleaners can’t – provide personal attention to every garment. Because of that dedication, the company has serviced thousands of satisfied customers over the years, working with leading political figures to Hollywood productions across metropolitan Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Today, the company continues their high quality of service with a focus on being eco-friendly not only to impact the surrounding community, but also the environment as a whole.


The Cleanery provides a comprehensive “EcoCare” cleaning plan that uses EcoLuxe technology to thoroughly clean garments while still meeting the company’s environmental commitment. And, while many of dry cleaners in The Cleanery’s area claim to use green techniques, they are often using sub-standard solvents and typically do not recycle cleaning agents properly – a trend that is also found across the wider dry cleaning industry. The EcoLuxe dry cleaning process is different in that it uses a smart mix of water, technology and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that clean even the most delicate garments while leaving the smallest environmental imprint.

Finding Ways to Reduce Waste and Water Use

In addition to investing in clean products and processes for cleaning their customers’ garments, The Cleanery has also launched programs to cut back on waste and increase recycling in the shop. The company recycles all components of garment packaging, including hangers, bags and paper goods. They also have a dedicated program in place to tailor recycling to the client’s environmental needs and preference. For example, customers can choose to remove tissue or poly bags from their garment packaging, allowing The Cleanery to increase their sustainability efforts based on customer preference.

The Cleanery’s owner, Kurt Lucero, prides himself on ensuring the business focuses on proactive waste handling, regular maintenance on all machinery and water conserving strategies. All of these practices have allowed The Cleaner to improve their green focus, cut down on waste produced and water used, and meet their goal of helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

“We are very proud to celebrate almost 10 years of membership with GBB, as well as our commitment to conserving the environment,” said Kurt Lucero, Owner of The Cleanery. “The people of New Mexico cherish our beautiful state and making sure we are doing our part to protect it and our way of life is just as important to our clients as it is to us.”

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