Henries has been serving the Greater Salt Lake City area since 1958 as the leading cleaner and restorer of garments and specialty items to like-new condition.  And they accomplish this leadership position with competent and knowledgeable sales and production staff who all serve the quality-conscious client. Henries is also a proud member of America’s Best Cleaners.

Focus on Sustainability

The Dry Cleaning industry is a hyper competitive industry and not one that always exudes the tenets of sustainability.  To properly clean most garments, harsh and toxic chemicals are typically used, while waste water – if not treated – is a threat to the environment.  Add metal hangers and plastic garment covers, and you have a storm brewing.

In order to be thoughtful stewards of the natural beauty that surrounds Salt Lake City, not to mention the wildlife that lives in and around the pristine mountains and lakes, Henries has adopted sound business practices and has made key investments in their operation that clearly make them stand apart in the industry.

Changing the Game

Henries transitioned their business to 100% hypoallergenic, K4 bio-based solvent, while updating their machinery on a regular basis to be as energy efficient as possible using the latest dry cleaning technology.  They’ve also significantly reduced the amount of plastic and paper with their “packaging-free” service in partnership with another Green Business Bureau member and dry cleaning industry leader, Green Garmento. They supply hanger caddies to encourage the reuse of hangers along with recycling dropoff bins for poly and paper at each store.

Other initiatives Henries has underway are continued reduction of paper and plastic on finished orders, increased use of LED lights throughout the plant and store locations, as well as using the Green Business Bureau Certification signage on their website, at their stores, and on their delivery vans and packaging supplies.

Building a Better Utah

Henries is a company that does things differently, and they aren’t just a regular mom-and-pop dry cleaner.  With deep roots in Salt Lake City, Henries wants to continue to create a company that leaves a legacy of environmental responsibility.  Employees spend off hours in the mountains and in the wild, so preserving that for future generations is a driving goal for the company.

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We continually strive to research and adapt new, cleaner technology into their daily operations which is the result of sharing great respect for the environment and the understanding of the importance of being positive and outspoken leaders in our industry.
 – Brady Horall, Henries

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