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Sustainable Construction that Builds Competitive Advantage

With consumer demand for green products and services quickly on the rise, the construction and building products industry is looking for ways to manage cost while capitalizing on this new demand.

Good news! There are a growing number of affordable building practices and products that allow you to offer green solutions while maintaining or even improving margins. To help you get started, here are two quick marketing tips on how to raise awareness about these products and practices you use in your business.

Pro Tip #1: Get “Sustainability Snippets” On-Site

Showing customers green practices during a build can generate interest about practical ways to reduce carbon emissions. With many using drones to manage aspects of a build, get footage of sustainable practices and use them in your marketing materials. Not only will this build brand credibility and awareness of how customers can reduce their carbon footprint, it will give your sales team an opportunity to create interest around other green alternatives (and up-sell).

For a few ideas on practices to feature, read Sustainability Guide for Builders and Construction: Getting Started.

Pro Tip #2: Create Buzz about Sustainable Products

By 2027, the green building materials market is expected to grow to $573.91 billion. Highlighting sustainable products on your website, social media, online directory listings and marketing materials is a good step towards capturing some of this revenue.

Start with products you sell or use that help meet LEED Certification requirements using LEED Certified keywords to leverage the increase in search for LEED Certification (see what we just did there….).

“Today’s and tomorrow’s buyers care more and more about sustainability, and are more likely than ever to pay for quality. Don’t forget to leverage existing supplier tools like cost calculators to reinforce how green products can reduce the owner’s expenses long-term.”

–Matt Samson, MAYO’s Building Industry Marketing & Strategy Advisor

Consider going a step further by offering “good/better/best” options to demonstrate affordability while taking advantage of upgrade options that could lead to higher profit margins. Focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) and demonstrate the big picture to your customers by incorporating the energy/utilities savings that green products can offer.

Looking for a few product suggestions? Check out these 9 eco-friendly options revolutionizing the industry.

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