GBB’s certification process is entirely initiative based, so your company will receive points for each and every activity it completes. Initiatives are organized by the business area they impact, such as transportation or office materials, and further marked by the effort, cost and greening impact of the initiative. This simple but flexible structure ensures your company can easily target and implement the efforts that best suit your company’s needs and opportunities.


GBB’s simple but comprehensive sustainability assessment will help your business identify and communicate which efforts it’s already completed, while also helping to guide and formulate a plan for future efforts. By completing the initial GBB Assessment, many Members find that they’re business has already qualified GBB Gold or Platinum status and are well positioned for even greater greening achievements by completing additional initiatives.

Points Earned



Business Practices


Office Space




Prioritize & Choose Initiatives

GBB’s deep and easy to customize collection of greening initiatives makes it easy for each Member business to prioritize planned activities to maximize return. The plan becomes as unique as the business itself, laying the path to its greening opportunities and sustainability objectives.

Implement Green Initiatives

GBB’s greening initiatives have been developed to include best practices and step-by-step guidelines to ensure each Member business receives maximum benefit from each greening effort undertaken.

Share Achievements

Member businesses deserve the positive recognition and reward of their commitment to sustainability, so GBB provides a collection of tools and opportunities for Member companies to share, differentiate and be recognized for their greening achievements with customers, prospects, partners, regulators and communities alike. Learn more about GBB’s Marketing Benefits.

Repeat & Improve

The GBB program is focused on continuous improvement in our Members’ green performance. After each completed step, Member companies are encouraged to promote them and continue the climb by selecting new activities from GBB’s collection of green performance initiatives.

Green Business Bureau Membership Tour

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How Our Certification Works

This guides explains how our online certification program works. Use the guide to understand if your business is ready and how to earn the verified certified green business seal.