Water and energy management software with sustainability as a core business offering

Edgecom Energy Inc is energy management software that works to reduce energy costs and emissions for large energy users by helping decision-makers understand, improve and control how they consume water and energy.

In doing, Edgecom Energy helps tackle two of the world’s biggest environmental issues: Climate change and dwindling freshwater reserves.

Thinking about these issues, industry alone accounts for 24% of the total global emissions. In addition, the United States is the largest user of industrial water, withdrawing over 300 billion m3 per year. Working with businesses, Edgecom Energy tackles these problems head-on. This is achieved by using solutions that involve a combination of custom software and hardware, and the team’s uncompromising focus on customer success and service.

Edgecom energy is a proactive business that views sustainability as a continuum of progression. It’s for this reason that Edgecom Energy signed up for the Green Business Bureau, to not only gain the recognition they deserve for the sustainable changes made but to also set goals and track ongoing progress.

Edgecom Energy’s green team champions sustainable change internally

For Edgecom Energy, sustainability is embedded into the core business model, as the company works to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of large energy users – emissions that contribute to climate change.

energy mangement software

By lowering business emissions, Edgecom Energy also serves to reduce their customer’s energy costs. Edgecom seeks to educate customers on the environmental impact of their energy use and encourages business leaders to take additional steps to become environmentally conscious.

Edgecom Energy aspires to make sustainability a priority across all aspects of an organization’s operations, including in the physical office space as well as employee lifestyles. The brand also hopes to become more involved in the community through donations, volunteering, and educational activities.

Since the formation of Edgecom Energy’s Green Team, the company has introduced small but impactful initiatives that help reduce the brand’s environmental impact. Some examples of the work the company has successfully implemented include:

  • Instituting a more thorough recycling system that separates plastic, glass, and paper.
  • A company-wide initiative that works to reduce paper consumption.
  • Introducing work-from-home policies to reduce transportation.
  • Making dishes and silverware available in the kitchen to reduce the use of single-use utensils.

Edgecom Energy is challenged to repeatedly achieve and set new green goals

Sustainability lies at the heart of Edgecom Energy’s work. For Edgecom, joining the Green Business Bureau (GBB) challenged the brand to take more action to continue their environmental journey, while also allowing the business to showcase the progress they’ve made to consumers.

Ultimately Edgecom Energy takes corporate responsibility very seriously, which is why they joined the GBB group, where the brand is encouraged to continuously improve.

Edgecom Energy demonstrates the value of sustainability

What makes Edgecom Energy unique is how the brand encourages consumers to become more sustainable by showcasing the benefits of sustainability in reducing operating costs. Edgecom Energy’s solutions are primarily designed to reduce energy costs for Class A consumers, but by doing so, they’re also helping these companies reduce the concentration of emissions they’re adding to the environment. This demonstrates how profit and the planet go hand-in-hand.

Energy management software supporting responsible energy consumption

Edgecom Energy founder Behdad Bahrami

The world of energy used to be simple – use it and pay for it – use less, pay less. But the industry is changing at a rapid pace. How do you manage business energy needs to keep up with the rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in? Our Vision is to enable the benefits of efficient energy consumption for everyone, creating a world in which every source of energy is used responsibly, efficiently, and sustainably” – Edgecom Energy‘s founder and CEO Behdad Bahrami

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