Go green and get involved with these environmental awareness days in February!

National Battery Day – February 18th

We probably don’t realize how much we rely on batteries in our everyday lives. Batteries power our phones and appliances and drive our electric vehicles. They supply emergency power during outages and have been designed to harness power from the sun and other renewable energy resources. National Battery Day celebrates these fuel cells and the value and convenience they give to society.

However, as with many great inventions, batteries have also led to the accumulation of e-waste, or electronic waste. Batteries are all too often thrown into landfills due to the public’s lack of awareness on proper disposal or lack of access to electronic waste collection services.

Do your part on Battery Day by properly disposing and recycling your old batteries. First, contact your local collection facility to find out about where to send old batteries and electronic waste. Set a day to gather e-waste from coworkers or install designated bins throughout the office specifically for collecting batteries and electronics.

No Brainer Day – February 27th

It’s 2022 and while debates on how to handle the climate emergency are still in full swing, making greener choices is a definite NO BRAINER these days. Put sustainability in the spotlight on No Brainer Day by making simple, low-effort changes to your business and your daily life.

Some sustainability “no brainers” include:

  • Upgrade lighting to LEDs
  • Switch to reusable bags and water bottles
  • Install bins for collecting trash, recyclables and electronic waste
  • Create a sustainability mission statement
  • Turn off lights, faucets and appliances when not in use
  • Use digital documents whenever possible to reduce paper waste
  • Properly dispose of chemicals and paints instead of dumping them in drains
  • Replace at least one meal with a plant-based one each week
  • Talk with coworkers about what sustainability means to them

International Polar Bear Day – February 27th

Did you know that polar bears are actually considered marine mammals? That’s right. Polar bears depend on the Arctic Ocean for food and habitat, spending half their life hunting seals and sea birds. Sadly, climate change, habitat destruction and pollution from the oil and gas industries threaten the survival of polar bear populations.

You’ve probably seen a T.V. ad showing a single polar bear drifting on a chunk of Arctic ice. It pulls at your heartstrings, doesn’t it? While it can feel discouraging not knowing how to help directly, the sustainable choices we make at home and at work collectively make a difference.

You can celebrate International Polar Bear Day and protect this amazing species by choosing greener methods of commute (public transportation, biking or walking), eating sustainably sourced seafood (to protect Arctic fish populations that polar bears feed on), buying from sustainable brands and third-party certified businesses, and improving your energy and waste habits.

You can find more environmental awareness days to celebrate all year long on our blog!

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