Green Business Bureau Employee Benefits

Green Business Bureau’s program lets employees drive the sustainability cause without the need to hire more dedicated sustainability managers and consultants. The GBB online self-service platform and methodology create an amazing purpose-driven culture by engaging employees and empowering green teams.

Stronger Workforce

Employees, especially the younger generation, seek out employers who are socially and environmentally responsible. Being green and promoting it will attract the best employees and enable you to hire exceptional purpose-driven employees.

Improved Morale

Employees care about the environment and want to know the company they work for also cares. Your employees will be more fulfilled and satisfied knowing they work for a company that is environmentally responsible.

Higher Employee Engagement

Employees enjoy participating in projects, programs and events that support causes they believe in, like protecting the planet. GBB members often uncover an employee grassroots movement to give back and address climate change.

Purpose-driven Culture

If you are a leader at your company and want to create a purpose-driven green culture, formally communicating your mission and commitments is the foundation that will help accomplish that. GBB membership provides the foundation for a green and purpose-driven culture.