Green Business Bureau Member Benefits

Sustainability and good business go hand in hand. Green Business Bureau members have shown that green business practices protect the environment, improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, enhance their brand, retain employees, attract customers and drive sales.

Protect the Environment, Workers and Community

By being more environmentally and socially responsible, companies protect their future. By driving sustainability policies and practices, protecting scarce resources, and fighting climate change, businesses minimize business risk and human risk.

Lower Your Costs, Become More Efficient

Sustainable business practices will lower energy bills, improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and minimize waste. The tangible costs savings of being more energy efficient are significant.

Lower Your Sustainability Program Management Costs

Green Business Bureau’s online platform, guided software and content will reduce the cost of managing a sustainability program. The program is designed to let your current employees drive the program and minimizes the need for new headcount. By using the online platform and GBB member services, companies often eliminate the need for external consulting.

Lower Your Green Business Certification Costs

Green Business Bureau’s certification is online, streamlined and guided to minimize certification overhead. The program relies on online verification and audits to minimize on-site consulting and auditor costs. GBB members save tens of thousands of dollars compared to B-Corp, ISO 14001 and LEED certifications.

Increase Sales

Being a sustainable business will elevate your brand, improve your reputation, attract and retain customers and create a competitive advantage. It will help you win contract bids and compete for business that requires a vendor be verifiably sustainable.

Attract and Retain Employees

Employees care about who they work for. They want to make a difference and work for purpose-driven companies. The Green Business Bureau program is designed to engage employees, drive a sustainable and green culture, and attract new talent.

Increase Transparency & Trust

By sharing your completed initiatives and certification level publicly, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability openly and create a more trustworthy relationship with all your stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, local community and investors.

Improve Communication

By taking the time to summarize the tenets of your sustainability program, mission and results and then sharing those publicly, you ensure all stakeholders are on the “same page”, i.e. everyone has the same understanding of your sustainability priorities, goals, commitments and accomplishments..


Complete Online Sustainability Assessment & Certification Program

Members gain full access to GBB’s leading online eco-assessment and certification applications. No other environmental certification offers GBB’s combination of credibility, comprehensiveness and flexibility.


Membership Badges & Assets

Members gain recognition both on- and off-line by displaying their GBB Membership Badges on websites, marketing materials and in their place of business.


Credit for Prior Efforts

Members receive full credit for their greening efforts prior to joining the Green Business Bureau. In fact, by simply completing GBB’s online business assessment application, many members find that they’ve already qualified for one of our three advanced tiers of certification, and are well positioned for even further greening achievement.


Guided Greening Initiatives

GBB’s unique initiatives-based program focuses on breaking greening efforts into manageable and business-positive activities that are organized by effort, impact and cost so Member Companies can prioritize the efforts that best fit their own business and environmental needs.


Industry-Specific Programs

GBB understands that there are both common greening efforts all businesses can undertake, and industry-specific efforts that better suit common business sectors. To best suit both the common and unique needs of the market, GBB has develop many industry-specific modules that help meet those unique needs and opportunities.


Marketing Opportunities & Support

Members receive access to unique marketing opportunities both within GBB’s member community, and to the community at large via branded emails, events and offerings. GBB also provides ongoing marketing support for members wishing to further promote their green efforts and achievements. Learn more about the full range of Marketing Benefits for GBB Members.


Latest Green Trends & Information

GBB regularly shares the latest green business trends, innovations and news through regular emails, blogs and member stories. Moreover, GBB also puts these developments to good use by always striving to improve its core GBB certification program.


Recognition as a Green Leader

GBB believes in the strength and value of helping to grow and promote greener businesses. Nothing is more important in that effort than helping to promote the amazing things GBB’s members are learning, implementing and achieving – which is why GBB works so hard to ensure all members receive their much-deserved recognition as green business innovators and leaders.