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The Case for Green Certification

Many companies choose to develop sustainable business practices based simply on the intuitive understanding that operating a greener business is ‘the right thing to do’. Most understand that there are benefits to their efforts, but are unaware of all the real and measurable impacts that their greening activities can actually have on their operations and the marketing of their businesses. Drawing from several major independent studies, ‘The Case for Green Certification’ concisely lays out the clear and meaningful benefits that any company – regardless of size or industry – can achieve by making sustainability a core foundation of their business.

In short, companies with a declared sustainability ethic and well-defined, properly measured green business practices that are verified by third-party best practices and certifications see tremendous cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities as a key foundation to their greening efforts.

The case is clear: Companies win when they make a genuine, significant and verified effort to implement sustainable business strategies. We invite you see for yourself in Green Business Bureau’s 2021 White Paper: the Case for Green Certification.