The ROI of Sustainability: Understanding the Business Benefits

There is general consensus among business leaders and investors that business success today requires a commitment to sustainability. The ROI of Sustainability white paper defines a model for calculating the ROI for investments in sustainable business.It includes tangible and intangible benefits related to cost savings, revenue enhancement, employee and customer satisfaction and business risk.  


  1. Executive Summary – The ROI Model for Sustainability Programs
  2. The Business Benefits of Sustainability – Roadmap and Executive Alignment and Support
  3. The ROI Model Defined – Tangible and Intangible Benefits, KPIs, Metrics
  4. Tangible Benefits: Cost Savings & Higher Revenue
  5. Intangible Benefits: Marketing Improvements, Employee Retention and Recruitment
  6. Risk Reduction: Understanding materiality and business impact
  7. Conclusion: Creating the Business Case for Sustainability