Sustainable Retail Guide & Checklist

40 Initiatives to Launch Your Retail Store Sustainability Program

The Green Business Bureau’s sustainable retail guide and checklist serve as a manual on how to launch and manage a company-wide sustainability program. The 40 initiatives given in this guide act as a roadmap to help you create the sustainability results and story you envision for your retail brand and store. This guide has been designed for you to progressively work through, checking off each action item as you go.

Use this checklist to keep a record of what initiatives you’ve successfully introduced. You can then refer to our comprehensive sustainable retail guide for more information on each initiative.

We’ve structured our sustainable retail guide and checklist using the following categories:

  1. Building design, construction, and retrofit
  2. Retail store emissions and carbon footprint
  3. Water use
  4. Business waste
  5. Products and services
  6. Supply chain
  7. Internal operations
  8. Stakeholder communication and support