GBB's Sustainability Certification Guide

The benefits of sustainability certifications for business go well beyond a rating, a seal or certificate of proof. The process itself becomes a journey to create a green corporate culture and a more sustainable, socially responsible business. A sustainability certification program engages employees and drives company-wide commitment and purpose.

Of course, the final official certification is very valuable. It not only demonstrates your commitment to employees and partners internally, but it verifies your sustainability to customers and the community. This is especially important when customers require or prefer to work with verifiably sustainable businesses.

This guide is an overview of the Green Business Bureau certification, one of the world’s leading and most trusted sustainability certifications. The guide helpfully includes:


    • What is GBB’s Sustainable Business Certification
    • Evolution of Online Certification Programs
    • Benefits of Becoming a Certified Sustainable Business

Step 1: Getting Started

    • EcoAssessment Overview
    • Measuring Sustainability Performance

Step 2: Become Greener

    • EcoPlanner Overview
    • Implementing Your Sustainability Plan

Step 3: Completing Your Online Certification

    • Promoting Your EcoScore and Certification Results
    • Managing our EcoProfile