These are hard times for business. Here at Green Business Bureau, we are doing what we can to help our new and current members navigate this unparalleled pandemic situation.

Green Business Bureau is offering a FREE 6-month Membership to companies interested in our green business certification and our sustainability framework and tools to manage and prioritize their green initiatives.  There has never been a better time to engage employees and rally your business around sustainability.

This limited-time offer includes:

EcoAssessment & EcoPlanner Access

6-Month access to our certification platform that includes our EcoAssessment and EcoPlanner tools, along with our trusted GBB interactive seal, and Marketing Services.

GBB Profile & Clickable Seal

Membership includes a green business profile page for you business, and GBB’s exclusive interactive, clickable seal tp show your business is serious about sustainability.

GBB Member Story & Marketing Support

A member story on similar to these stories we’ve recently posted about other great-green GBB Member companies. Member stories are posted to our Blogs and shared throughout our social media channels.

Full GBB Member Benefits

Your business would be considered a full member of GBB with all of the benefits that comes along with membership, including the ability to connect to our GBB Business Network of over 8,000 businesses worldwide.

You’ll need a major credit card to sign up and get started, but there would be no cost to you for six months, and if at that time you wish to cancel your membership, you’re free to do so.  There’s nothing to lose, and it’s time to get serious about sustainability.

We’re all in this together, and GBB is here to help.  To get started, sign up here.

Regards and stay safe.

Tom Permatteo
CEO, Green Business Bureau

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