Boulder Holistic Vet
Member Since: October 2022
PO Box 3316, Boulder, CO 80307, United States
Our Mission
We are committed to being leaders of change in the veterinary industry by reducing our waste, increasing our recycling efforts, minimizing our environmental footprint, engaging with sustainable companies, and providing a socially responsible workplace in efforts to create a more sustainable future for people, pets, and the planet.
Recycling Medical Waste
We are committed to recycling our medical waste, including crunchy plastics from syringe and needle packaging. We are also committed to finding a sharps disposal company dedicated to sustainable recycling initiatives.
Paperless Practice and E-commerce Store
We are committed to becoming a paperless veterinary practice by using email and fax for all client notes, records, and prescription needs. We are also committed to moving our e-commerce business to paperless transactions by discontinuing printed paper invoices to automated emailed invoices.