Dorothy Gale Roofing Group
Member Since: August 2022
Our Mission
Dorothy Gale Roofing Group manufactures and installs a patented, fluid applied, elastomeric roof system called IntelliGuardâ„¢. Due to the highly reflective characteristics of our system, intense solar energy is reflected back into the atmosphere, which drastically reduces annual energy costs for the building owner. Property owners can receive a deduction up to $1.80 per square foot for commercial buildings that save a minimum of 50% on energy costs, including lighting, heating and cooling, when compared with national standards. Additionally, our system uses your existing roof as our substrate which avoids the need to tear off and dispose of the debris in a landfill.
Re-use all, "single-use," tooling for 6 calendar months.
We are making a commitment to reuse all, "disposable," tooling for each crew/ truck for a period of no less than 6 months. Many of the tools we use on a daily basis are made for, "single use," scenarios but can easily be re-used with about 30 minutes of cleanup at the end of each work day. We've committed to using and cleaning these ,"single use tools," regularly, until the continued use of them would no longer allow for a quality outcome for our clients.