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Fire Watch Service - with no carbon footprint
August 2022
We are proud of the fact that we are now performing nationwide fire watch services while utilizing best practices with the least carbon footprint. Our fire watch patrol vehicles are electric powered (EV’s) and our flashlights use rechargeable batteries and our policy (when legal) is to keep our fire watch logs in a digital file. Our fire guards, certified contractors and licensees are all paid via direct deposit, ACH and wire transfer. No paper, no mail.
USPA Nationwide Security Targets Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2023
August 2022
"Net zero is an important goal for USPA as it's the best way we can do our part to help tackle climate change," said Danial Manning, CEO. The firm just invested in EV's to replace their fleet of patrol vehicles used for security guard services and fire watch across the U.S. "We've also invested in research and development to help offset the need for patrol vehicles in our new autonomous (drone) technology division which will launch next month."
Security Patrols Utilize Autonomous Drones - Leaves no carbon footprint
July 2022
USPA’s drones can fly in adverse weather, capture high-definition video, then autonomously charge and then redeploy without any human direction. Autonomous security systems can also address the challenges of crowd control, civil unrest, and monitoring of large events