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Our Green Accomplishments
HARVEC's core value consists of strengthening partners' sustainable practices. We devote a percentage of our margin to support small-scale farmers in this on-going process. Our partners have reached the following accomplishments and HARVEC is committed to supporting them in the near future as a result of increased sales. You can contribute by making a donation in HARVEC's website (coming soon) or buying our healthy, exotic, and sustainable products.
Goldenberry Organic Fertilization
September 2022
HARVEC's partner, GOLDEN Sweet Spirit, implements a fertilization program with small-scale farmers in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Pichincha. The program consists of regenerative farming and rotational cropping of goldenberries. Organic fertilizer is obtained from cover crops including vetch, a nitrogen fixing leguminous plant, and other plant species that contribute to soil conservation.
Goldenberry Sustainable Production
July 2020
HARVEC's partner, GOLDEN Sweet Spirit, develops Goldenberry Farmer Field Schools (GFFS) to deploy the implementation of sustainable production practices among associated small-scale farmers. GFFS consists of training sessions that include organic fertilization, safe phytosanitary practices, harvesting, post-harvest practices, and rural financing.