Member Since: October 2021
9700 SW Harvest Court Bldg 100, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States
Our Mission
Provide creative solutions that enable cloud-based collaboration, empowering our customers and partners to do their best work
Environmentally Conscious.
Be environmentally conscious in everything we do.
Innnovation and Excellence.
Continue to build and develop innovative products in collaboration with our customers and the marketplace.
Our People, Partners and Community
Develop the best talent, take care of our CTL family, and be part of the communities we serve.
Provide Excellent Customer Service.
Ensure excellent customer service within all levels of the organization.
Collaboration and Accountability
Encourage teamwork and hold all members of the team accountable to our customers, stakeholders, and community.
Respond quickly and remain fast and agile.
Maintain processes that ensure quick and timely responses to the needs of our clients.