Watson Gloves
Member Since: May 2021
7955 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 0A4, Canada
Our Mission
Watson Gloves Just Cause: Elevating industry for the greater good, through sustainability and innovation, protecting people and our planet.
Divert Over 3 million Plastic Bottles from Landfills and Oceans by 2023
In spring 2020, we launched our WasteNot™ eco-conscious gloves, which are gloves made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Our initial goal was to divert over 1 million water bottles by 2023. We smashed that goal! We have now diverted over 3 Million water bottles from landfills and 2023 has just begun.
Increase our Sustainable Product Offerings
Watson Gloves is committed to using sustainable materials and working towards a circular economy. We will do this through innovations such as our WasteNot™ eco-conscious yarn made from plastic bottles, Reclaim™ additive which accelerates landfill biodegradation, and environmentally-friendly packaging materials. We are committed to 1) Transitioning all garden gloves into our Homegrown™ sustainable brand by 2023; 2) Transitioning all insulated gloves using Thinsulate™ to using only Advanced Eco Thinsulate™ insulation by 2023; and 3) Transitioning all spandex used in our gloves to WasteNot™ yarn by 2023
Volunteer in the Community
Watson Gloves encourages employees to engage with the community by providing one day off to volunteer per year. In addition, we are organizing at least one opportunity for staff to volunteer for a community cause, on a work day, in each branch. In 2022, a group of volunteers helped out on Women Build, a Habitat for Humanity program, in BC. In Alberta, a team from our Calgary branch did a clean up along a riverway. In Ontario, Watson team members volunteered with a Girl Guide community clean up. We are striving to lead our communities in making the world a better place.