Hit Promotional Products
Member Since: January 2020
7150 Bryan Dairy Rd., Largo, FL 33777, United States
Our Mission
It is Hit Promotional Products, Inc.'s mission to operate its business as a corporate citizen of the community committed to sound environmental sustainability management. Our goal is not only be an industry leader in providing decorated goods to our end-users, but to be known in the industry as a leader in environmental sustainability driven to protect the future of our planet and our future generations.
Continuously Improve Our Environmental Performance
Through the implementation of a corporate-wide environmental sustainability management program we have developed the necessary processes to monitor and measure our objectives and legal requirements. We are taking action to continuously improve the environmental performance of our products and processes and to protect the health and safety of our employees, local communities, and ecosystems while using natural resources and raw materials as efficiently as possible. Hit is committed to minimizing its overall impact on environment while encouraging and activating environmentally responsible behavior on the part of our employees, contractors, and subcontractors. In doing so, Hit aims to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions into the atmosphere, minimize waste through corrugated and plastic recycling programs, and reduce or eliminate any chemicals that could cause harm to our local ecosystems and waterways. Hit seeks to identify, measure, and understand the direct and indirect impact of its operations and develop innovative and realistic solutions for mitigating those impacts.
Create a Green Culture Throughout the Company
With the adoption of a sustainable business plan, construction of a "Green Team", and transparency encouragement at all levels, Hit is committed to creating a "Green Culture" throughout the company.