Freedom Lawns USA, INC
Member Since: October 2019
19618 US Hwy 17 N, Hampstead, NC 28443, United States
Freedom Lawns is the only professional lawn care company in the region who offers a 100% organic granular compost topdressing for lawns
April 2021
By offering granular compost, we are producing a healthier soil and in return, a healthier plant that will require les pesticides for insects or disease. Additionally, our granular compost treatments for lawns and plants are a more sustainable option to synthetic fertilizers.
Freedom Lawns uses battery operated sprayers
January 2020
Freedom Lawns is one of only professional lawn and plant care companies who utilize battery/electric sprayers in their trucks. Most lawn and plant care firms use gasoline powered sprayers. By using electric sprayer, we eliminate emissions, reduce our carbon footprint, and promote a safer environment for our franchise owners and their employees.
New Product
July 2019
Introduced a new product to our franchise owners called Encompass which is a natural iron source that will green up plants without the use of iron sources that contain heavy metals and stain hard surfaces.
Franchise Focus
August 2018
We sold the company owned office to dedicate more time toward our franchise system!