Member Since: August 2019
3000 W Segerstrom Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States
Our Mission
The FNTECH Green Planet Initiative represents our commitment to the environment. By reviewing our practices, evaluating our overall supply chain, and establishing more earth-conscious procedures, we are able to take measurable steps to create a greener future.
Refuse Wasteful Products: Supporting Eco-Friendly Alternatives
We realize that one of the most effective ways to minimize waste, is to begin by not purchasing and using wasteful or non-recyclable products. For the past 6 years, we have been phasing out use of Gator board and foam core for our event signage, for more eco-friendly alternatives like easily changeable digital monitors, "evergreen" reusable materials, and more. Since 2015, we have been able to 'refuse' use of over 800 LBS of non-recyclable material with digital monitors.
Reduce Single-Use Items
We continue to evaluate and address areas where we can reduce the use of harmful, wasteful, and non-reusable products. As of 2021, we are no longer purchasing single-use plastic water bottles for our employees. Our workforce now uses strategically placed water coolers and each employee has been provided with a stainless steel reusable water bottle for personal use.
Reuse Whenever Possible: Avoid Adding to Local Landfills
Expanding on our effort to reduce waste, we are committed to assessing areas we can implement reusable alternatives, while continuing to also donate "gifts-in-kind," to local organizations. Our custom Wentex graphic frames, which are 100% aluminum and primarily used for extra-large graphics and projection screens, are reused countless times before they are recycled. Moreover, we offer warehouse space for our clients to store various event elements that can be reused from year to year. This cuts down greatly on the amount of new substrates and ink that would have been used to recreate these pieces.
Recycle Right: Closing the Loop
We recognize the importance of not just recycling but doing so in a way that is compliant with the capabilities of our local recycling centers. This starts with doing our research when it comes to inventory restocking. We make a conscience effort to purchase products that has packing which is truly recyclable in our region.
Repurpose for a Purpose: Upcycle Could Be Waste
When "refuse, reduce, reuse" are not options, we ask ourselves, can this be repurposed, either by us or an outside entity? This begins with an assessment of our solid waste: identifying, quantifying, diverting, and then finding creative solutions for repurposing. Please see our Green Accomplishments for info on some of our recent measures.