Member Since: August 2019
3000 W Segerstrom Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States
Our Green Accomplishments
We are pleased to be a part of the green community. As we continue learning new methodologies that advance our sustainable efforts, we're proud to have taken strategic steps to ensure we ALL have a better place to live and work in the future.
Warehouse Energy Conservation
January 2022
Since first moving into our Santa Ana headquarters, we knew we wanted to shift from the outdated and inefficient metal/halide light bulbs to something better. (In a state plagued with an energy crisis, we know how important it is to reduce our energy consumption everywhere possible.) Initially, we installed motion sensor lights in our front offices. This helped, but the real impact was felt when we converted our expansive warehouse space to all LED lighting. We now use LED bulbs throughout our entire facility. This change allowed us to reduce our average daily energy consumption by a whopping 55.56%! We went from using 224 kWh a day to 99.54 kWh per day - a savings that could power four average U.S. households each day!
A Year of Virtual Events, Worldwide
December 2021
Our FNvirtual Event Platform launched in mid-2020 and we're proud to announce our numbers continue to grow! In 2021, we produced more than 30 virtual events! These productions took place in every time zone, were broadcast to and had participants from multiple countries, and were streamed on a handful of different platforms including our own virtual event powerhouse FNvirtual. We also produced events on Hopin, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Splash. Some were 100% virtual, while others went the hybrid route...part in-person and part online. We are excited that many of our clients report they saw increases in both engagement and the number of participants from international locations. In addition, our FNstudios team has been extremely busy recording, editing, and streaming scores of sessions for clients around the world. Having a robust digital arm of FNTECH allows our team to stay safe and connected while at the same time reduces carbon emissions caused by conference travel. We consider those some BIG WINS all the way around!
Conscious Onsite Catering
November 2021
In November 2021, we were delighted to produce another successful Open Compute Project Global Summit at the San Jose Convention Center. This was one of our first large hybrid events, held concurrently both in-person and on our FNvirtual Event Platform. With nearly 2,000 attendees in person and COVID restrictions still very much in place, our catering manager ensured our boxed lunches were assembled and packaged using the most green/compostable options available. Additionally, we're proud to use a venue that partners with Hunger at Home, an organization that collects excess food and goods to distribute to the local hungry and homeless. Happily, all leftover boxed lunches did not go to waste, but were donated to those in need.
We've Gone Platinum!
March 2021
In celebration of Earth month, FNTECH announced our advancement as a GBB platinum-certified business. Implementation of new waste management initiatives helped us achieve this fantastic new certification. Every time we see this new logo, we're reminded of the difference we're making toward a healthier planet and a sustainable way of living for generations to come.