Do they know that your business does too?

Leading businesses of all sizes rely on Green Business Bureau’s Certification and Sustainability Management Software to guide their greening efforts, improve their sustainability performance, and build their reputation as a great-green company.

The CUC & Green Business Bureau Promise

You don’t need to be a sustainability expert

That’s our job! GBB’s solution is intuitive, simple to use and filled with actionable initiatives that helps ensure businesses of all kinds reach their greening potential.

You won’t need to commit a ton of time

We know you have a business to run! That’s why the GBB system focuses on guided, actionable initiatives and give you credit for the efforts you’ve already made. Our goal is to help supercharge your sustainability efforts so you can focus on growing your great-green business.

A Green Business Certification will help your business

GBB’s mission is to provide great, user-friendly software that helps busy companies learn how to operate more sustainably and reap the benefits of their well-earned eco-friendly reputation. Become a certified green business and find out first hand how it attracts customers, employees and partners.
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Get 10% OFF membership and green business certification

CUC and GBB have partnered up to provide your business with the guidance, recognition and online software to become a greener and more profitable business.

How green is your business?

Sign up now to see how green your business is and access over 300 green initiatives and EcoPlans. You’ll find out your business EcoScore in less than 20 minutes via an online self-assessment. Identify where you can improve and engage your employees to take on new green initiatives defined in the GBB EcoLibray(™).

When you’re ready to get certified and share your success, you’ll be able to add the clickable online Green Business Bureau seal to your website to share your certification level and GBB EcoProfile. Here’s GBB’s completed certification and seal.

Time to get serious about your green business journey. 

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Why Companies Join Green Business Bureau

Green Business Bureau Membership Tour

Check out this short video to learn more about why members join Green Business Bureau and what members get.


Download our Green Business Case White Paper

Still deciding if GBB Certification is right for your business? Request your copy of GBB’s White Paper, The Case for Green Certification, our in-depth look at the opportunities, benefits, market trends and business case available to greener small businesses.

See What Current Members Are Saying

Our members continue to amaze us with their commitment to sustainability and their innovative green and social responsibility initiatives.  See how they leverage GBB and use their business  as a platform for good.

Watch GBB’s Getting Started Video

Check out this short product demonstration video to understand the GBB EcoAssessment and EcoPlanner tools.  Understand how easy the Online Green Business Certification process is.