Partner with Green Business Bureau

Scale your green impact and accelerate your growth

Uncover new opportunities by offering our sustainability management software bundled with your product and services.

What types of businesses do we partner with?

B2B, sustainability consultancies, environmental services companies, and sustainability product companies who compliment our service offering. Our partnership program is always evolving, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you think you might be a good fit.

What are the requirements for becoming a Green Business Bureau partner?

We consider several factors when evaluating partner applications.

Being an active customer of Green Business Bureau is a key prerequisite. From there, we look for partners that can thoughtfully extend Green Business Bureau’s software capabilities within their network to drive sustainability reach, value and impact.

Our most successful partners have:

  • A vested interest in sustainability and already have proven sustainability programs in place
  • A client base and/or network of 100+ businesses, each with at least 50+ employees and those businesses have demonstrated they value sustainability, too
  • A formal partnership program and sales/marketing team(s) in place with experience with software referral/reseller activation
  • Showcased that they embrace action plans, objectives, and quotas