GBB’s Customers Prove that Green Business Practices Attract Customers, Drive Sales, & Retain Employees

Boston, MA, Oct 2, 2019 —  The Green Business Bureau, the trusted authority in green business and leader in green business certification, today announced the release of two new online applications, GBB EcoPlanner™ and GBB EcoAssessment™, that enable businesses of any size to understand, prioritize, manage and certify green initiatives and sustainable business practices.

Green Business Bureau clients leverage the GBB certification program, sustainability framework and online tools to ensure their organizations not only make environmental performance and sustainability a priority, but also benefit from their green choices and actions.  They have shown that green business practices improve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, enhance their brand, retain employees, attract customers and drive sales.

GBB members get access to GBB EcoAssessment, a self-paced online assessment tool that credits businesses for the green efforts they’ve completed, and GBB EcoPlanner, an extensive library of over 400 greening initiatives with well documented EcoPlans™.   Initiatives are organized across eight categories including business practices, office space, transportation and social responsibility.

“The Green Business Bureau mission is based on the concept that good business and green business go hand-in-hand.” said Tom Permatteo, CEO of GBB.  “Unlike other niche sustainability assessments and certifications like LEED for buildings, we take a holistic approach and address all sustainable aspects of a business including business practices, products, services, facilities, operations, employee engagement and community involvement.  No other company offers the breadth and depth of our offerings.”

GBB also offers a Green Business Certification Program that enables businesses to earn an official seal to validate and promote their green commitment and accomplishments in a credible way.  The certification is entirely initiative-based where companies earn EcoPoints™ for each and every activity they complete.

“The Green Business Bureau is the most recognized green business certification program in the industry and our online and physical seals provide credible market recognition for companies’ commitment to sustainability,” said Bill Zujewski, CMO of GBB.   “But more importantly, we are empowering businesses to create a green culture and become more sustainable through step-by-step guides for implementing best practices.”

The benefits of using the GBB platform include:

  • Green Team Empowerment

    Online tools for sustainability managers and committees to manage their green initiatives and track sustainability progress across distributed organizations and facilities.

  • Employee Engagement

    A sustainability program that guides green teams and enables employees to choose the green initiatives that best suit their business.

  • Sustainability Gamification with EcoPoints and Levels

    Over 400 greening initiatives across eight categories that earn GBB EcoPoints rated on environmental impact, implementation cost and effort.

  • Success Celebration

    The internationally recognized and trusted GBB seal that reflects the success of a company’s sustainability program.

The Green Business Bureau is a subsidiary of Vertuous, LLC, a Boston-based company founded in 2008 by CEO Tom Permatteo and Chief Product Officer, Peter Hughes.  Bill Zujewski joined the executive team as CMO and COO. Vertuous recently completed the acquisition of Green Business Bureau, formerly known as

About Green Business Bureau

Green Business Bureau offers the most recognized and trusted online green business certification program available for businesses seeking market recognition for their commitment to sustainable business practices.  GBB’s online platform credits member businesses for completed green efforts, while empowering further improvement through step-by-step guides for implementing best practices. All initiatives are money saving and deliver significant return on investment that empower member companies to grow stronger and healthier every day.  Visit for more information.

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