Green Business Bureau (GBB) has partnered up with Goodwings to offer our members a special deal on their Net Zero Travel business plans. Business travel and tourism releases almost 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, so it’s no secret that our current travel methods are not sustainable. That’s why GBB and Goodwings are working together to make travel better for our planet by enabling businesses to verifiably remove the amount of CO₂ emitted throughout their travel time.

``We’re thrilled to partner with the Green Business Bureau and help their members become greener. We understand businesses need their employees to travel and we know employees are pressed for time, that’s why our focus is on convenience and ease of use in booking green travel and removing travel emissions.``

– Christian Møller-Holst, Founder and CEO of Goodwings

How Traveling Net Zero with Goodwings Works

Removing your travel emissions is easy when you use Goodwings. All you need to do is book your hotel through their website and they’ll remove the carbon emissions from your entire trip, including hotel stay, flights, transfers and even meals.

On top of verified removal of your travel emissions, signing up for the Pro or Enterprise plan on will also give you access to downloadable travel emissions reports as well as finance reports, among other helpful travel management tools.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You book your hotel and trip – Goodwings has more than 1 million hotels worldwide to choose from. They offer the same hotels at the same rates as any other major booking site.
  2. They crunch the data – You tell them how you get to your hotel by using their carbon calculator and they’ll work out the total carbon footprint from your whole trip.
  3. You get to Net Zero travel – They remove your travel emissions verifiably through their third-party validated CO₂ removal project. This enables you to travel Net Zero.

Special Joint Offer

As part of the partnership, GBB members can receive a 20% discount on Goodwings paid plans while Goodwings customers can get up to 20% off on a Green Business Bureau membership.

To redeem your 20% discount on Goodwings, go to and sign up for a plan of your choice.

Earn GBB EcoPoints Towards Your Green Business Certification Level

Businesses using Goodwings will be on the fast track to a GBB certified green business seal by completing the Travel Offset initiative.

Green Business Bureau members who use the GBB EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools to understand, prioritize, implement and certify their green initiatives can get credit for booking with Goodwings. Members can choose the Travel Offset initiative in the Outdoor-Transportation category to earn GBB EcoPoints™.

Note: Individual initiatives are rated on environmental impact, implementation cost and effort, and are worth 1 to 60 EcoPoints™.  Using Goodwings essentially earns you 18 EcoPoints toward reaching the 200-point Gold Level or 400-point Platinum Level.

``We’re excited to enable our members to now travel Net Zero as easily as when they book travel using the popular travel booking sites. They’ll get GBB credit for their commitment and for those that need it, they can get scope 3 reporting easily with downloadable travel emissions reports.``

– Tom Permatteo, Founder and CEO of Green Business Bureau

How and Why “Net Zero Travel” Matters

  • Travel is a mega emitter  – Each time you travel, you generate carbon emissions at every point during your trip from flying, lodging, transportation and other activities. Your travel emissions, when combined with the millions of other travelers, have a significant impact on global energy consumption, total carbon emissions and climate change.
  • Removing travel emissions looks good – You achieve Net Zero travel by calculating the CO₂ emissions from your travels and removing that same amount of emissions from the atmosphere. Goodwings removes the travel emissions from your full trip through their third-party validated CO₂ removal project – at no cost to you. By traveling net zero, you are doing your part to preserve our planet and this “do good” mentality enhances your reputation and stakeholder trust.
  • Carbon removal benefits nature and people – By buying credits from CO₂ removal projects, you can remove CO₂ by capturing and storing existing CO₂. When you travel net zero with Goodwings, your emissions will be offset by their tree planting project in Uruguay. The project is VCS-verified and spans a massive area of 23,000 hectares – an area that has been over-grazed by livestock but is now being turned into major forests. This means that it has both social and environmental benefits like reducing rural poverty and strengthening important local ecosystems while capturing CO₂ naturally from the atmosphere.

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