The Foundation and Green Business Bureau (GBB) have partnered to help companies become more sustainable and accelerate their path to becoming a GBB-certified green business.

GBB and encourage everyone to continually strive to reduce their carbon footprint through sensible energy reductions combined with cost-effective carbon offsets to eliminate their overall carbon footprint.

We’re thrilled to partner with the Green Business Bureau because their program is comprehensive yet easy to follow, informative and affordable. We understand the need for a great company to become more sustainable and run a business at the same time. Now companies can be up and running with a recognized green certification in no time!
 – Linda Kelly,

Companies neutralizing the negative environmental impact of their carbon footprint with high-quality third-party validated and verified voluntary carbon offsets through will be on the fast track to a GBB certified green business seal.

Companies who join the Green Business Bureau will be able to use the GBB EcoAssessment™ and EcoPlanner™ tools to understand, prioritize, implement and certify their green initiatives and leverage the official GBB seal to validate and promote their green commitment and accomplishments. Partners can apply their carbon offsets towards completing GBB green initiatives to earn GBB EcoPoints that are tracked to reach Green Business certification levels including Aware, Gold and Platinum.

Special Joint Offer

As part of the joint partnership, members can receive 20% off on the Green Business Bureau membership.   Please use code CARBONFUND20 to receive your 20% off Green Business Bureau membership.

Join Foundation

If you are not already minimizing or offsetting your carbon footprint, consider joining the Carbonfree® Partner Program, an innovative, affordable and flexible way to help your business calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. Join in the transition to a clean energy future and become a leader in the fight against climate change by making a tax-deductible donation to offset your carbon footprint and support an industry-leading carbon reduction project.

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