Green Certification for Business

Green Business Bureau Membership Eliminates the Mystery, Cost and Risk from Your Company’s Greening Efforts


GBB Certification is entirely online and was designed with small business owners like you in mind. We believe that you should never have to choose between sustainability and running your business.

On Your Time

GBB’s certification process is self-paced and designed with bite-sized green initiatives that allow you to prioritize your greening efforts. Complete the initiatives that make the most sense for your business, on your schedule. As an entirely online program, the GBB certification portal is available 24/7.

Cost Effective

For less than the cost of a weekly local newspaper advertisement, GBB’s yearly membership and certification program provides your business with all the tools and expertise you need to become a recognized green leader.

Money Saving

All GBB greening initiatives are focused on improving your sustainability while also delivering significant cost-savings and positive ROI.


Earn your company’s green certification with the industry’s leading green certification provider. GBB’s program is internationally recognized and trusted by businesses all across the globe.


GBB’s exclusive ‘clickable’ certification web seal and detailed Sustainability Page enables you to easily and credibly share your green accomplishments with customers, prospects and the public alike.

Track, Prioritize & Plan

GBB’s Certification App makes it easy for your business to prioritize eco-initiatives that are most important to your business and will have the biggest impact on the environment and your company’s bottom line.



Business Practices


Office Space




GBB Engages All of Your Company’s Key Stakeholders


GBB offers a variety of tools and materials to help your greening company engage your customer base in the process, and share the positive steps your company is taking.


Employees are a critical piece of any successful greening effort, so GBB includes advice and focus for engaging employees throughout the process.


GBB’s tools enable business leaders and managers to plan and implement greening initiatives with certainty and ease.