Green Office Academy

Train Your Employees About Sustainability. Let Them Drive The Cause.

Green Office Academy, the employee training division of Green Business Bureau, provides online courses that are designed to help you create a healthier, more environmentally-friendly workplace and operation. Our on-demand courses fit into your employees’ daily routines so that they can learn and implement while still keeping up with work demands.


Sustainability education can support a company’s initiatives in two ways. First, it can serve as a broad introduction to aspects of sustainability to support the decision-making process. Or it can provide supplementary technical information as well as guidance on implementation once the sustainability initiatives have been established. Either way, good corporate training guides employees through the range of sustainability topics relevant to their company’s goals, business strategy, operations, and ultimately their own jobs.


There is a rich array of online courses that have become available, bolstered no doubt by the increased use of digital products during the pandemic. While much of it tends to be self-study with generic content, some companies offer more tailored and interactive education. Some of these providers also offer certified continuing education.

Employee Training

Green Business Bureau provides both pre-recorded online training courses and live instructor training courses through the Green Office Academy. These courses tend to tackle specific practical initiative topics and are task oriented, focusing on specifics to implement sustainability initiatives.

Standard Individual Online Courses

These online pre-recorded courses are streamlined and targeted training that allow students to develop master of a subject in short bursts of time. Worksheets & templates are provided and help you put the knowledge into action. If you and your team find yourself wondering about all the plastic your organization sends to the landfill or worried about harmful chemicals in the products that you buy, these basic courses can help you understand these issues and address them.

Our most popular course, Sustainable Purchasing, focuses on “green procurement” has been distilled into criteria and procedures that you can easily implement and understand. We’ve done the hard work, so there’s less guesswork for you.

  • Make clear and confident purchase decisions that are socially responsible
  • Stop wasting time and getting lost in sustainability research and  ideas
  • Have a positive impact on the environment as you transform your supply chains

Custom Training and Roadmap Courses

Green Office Academy offer custom live instructor training. The flagship “Green Office Roadmap” course is a multi-week course with on-demand lessons, in-person lessons and group coaching that will instruct students on essential sustainability issues and guide them through the creation of a sustainability action plan. The course gives the student the knowledge and procedures to create a full-blown sustainability action plan that will transform their office.

This program is for you if:

  • You work at or are the owner of a business namely: business owners, executives, sustainability champions, facility manager, administrators
  • Your business has office space
  • You are looking for a clear roadmap to implement going green at your organization
  • You are ready to devote the time and energy to learn and do the work
  • You care about environmental and social impacts

All of this applies regardless of your level of sustainability knowledge or the type of business you are in.


We now offer online green procurement training for employees who purchase products and materials for their companies. This online course will teach you how to create a successful sustainable procurement program that is environmentally and socially responsible.